Welcome To My World!

I am the wife of a Wonderful Evangelist, Martyn J. Ballestero.  We have five children and twelve grandchildren hoping for more.  Our chilren are listed by birth order:

Carl Anthony and Kimberly Elrod  Ballestero,  their children are Kalyx  Marie , Carlton Alexander  and  Braden Anthony,

Bryan Starr and Christy Huntley Ballestero their children are Huntley Starr, Christyana Content, and Christian Bryan,

Martyn J. Ballestero II and Courtney Joella Ballestero their children are, Jeron Starr , Chloe Julianne Monet,  and Zion Turner,

Marisa June and Brandon S. Hartzell their children are Garrison Timothy, Cadence Martyn, and Ainsley Marcia, 

Andrew Dale and Jasmine V. Ballestero .

My Father, William R. Starr  passed away.  My Mom, Marian June is now married to Rev. Howard Davis of San Bernardino, CA .   I have four sisters, no brothers .  Alexa Olson , Rebecca Trammell, Priscilla Spears, and Sara Copple.   They are all married  to Pastors .  I have  a wonderful mother in law, Content Faith Ballestero and three sisters-in-law:  Carlene Branham, Ramona Yandris and Nila Marxer.

As I add to the blog you may see these names from time to time .  I will hopefully add to this and have something worth reading and inspiring.

Thank you!

2 responses to “Welcome To My World!

  1. Marian June Davis

    Marcia, I’ve enjoyed this so much and it is very accurate. I have started the same when I was five and bringing it up to the present. Keep writing.

  2. Thank you, sister, for the wonderful web page; happened to come upon it accidently last night and was greatly blessed.
    I’m “old time” Pentecost and sure wish for “yesteryears”.
    It seems so strange to see Apostolic ladies with no hose and flipflops.
    If we say anything about it we are fault finders and make perfert targets from the pulpit.
    I cannot help to believe that we must take a stand.
    A few months ago someone showed me a page fron facebook. My heart was actually crushed when I saw and read some of the posts from young ladies who played music and taught Sunday School in our church.
    They refered to their boyfriends as “hot and sexey”.
    One of these ladies is the pastor’s daughter.
    Also one of the lay ministers was there with a picture of his wife with this caption “this is the same sexey thing I’ve been married to for the past thirty years”.
    Sister , you can see why I was so refreshed by your website.
    Now, may I ask you this question…..am I right to attend a church where this is allowed.??? I’m sure you know when the pulpit is silent there is no power in the pew.
    I am not a fault finder; been in this same church for forty five years, but our pastor passed away and the younger came in.
    I really desire advice from an outside source. One thing for sure..”I must be saved”.
    Thanks again, and may the Lord continue to bless you…..

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