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Decisions We Make

Farrah and Clark

Decisions We Make

Decisions are one of the most important steps we have to take in our lives. I make decisions everyday of my life. Like those easy ones of whether I am going to get up early or not, or what I am going to eat. I can tell myself you need to get up at 4am for the trip and somehow I seem to wake up at that time without an alarm clock. I can think about a certain food and it sounds good so I can fix that and eat it. I have had to make decisions for my children until they were old enough to make their own.

My children are the people I affect the most and influence the most. If I make a wrong decision it not only hurts me but it affects them. They get to suffer as much as I do and maybe more because of the long lasting effect. Your heart can warn you not to make this choice and you can override it and be driven no matter the cost and rationalize yourself to believe you will do that and be fine. I fear for those that promote worldly dress, activities, and attitudes. It is evident that they are so selfish and have a life of Godless guidance and no respect for God’s way of life. The most well dressed, well adjusted, and clean fun loving people are people who value what would Jesus and my Pastor say about this. Promoting strife and disobedience amongst our youth just to do whatever makes them happy for the moment is not going to end up being the right decision that makes our children, friends and loved ones want to serve Jesus. It will be a wrong turn in your road and many will fall with you. When will you decide to honor and respect your Pastor and those that represent us to Jesus  from the depth of your mind heart and soul. This is one decision that makes all the difference in the world on whether you are a strong, happy, and dedicated child of God that needs no pity for what you refuse to partake of that will be detrimental to your walk with Jesus and certainly what you promote to others.

I have seen so called Christian mothers promote their children to be in love with someone that are not interested in the church.  They make it feel comfortable for them to chose someone that is not a part of the church and then promote it not just with their own children , but celebrate it by promoting it amongst other youth of the church. Pretty soon there are no reasons for those they like to have to even try to find Jesus.  The Bible says don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers. What does that mean to you? We are to be soul winners and not soul destroyers. I have lived through situations where kids liked someone that did not attend and was not a part of our church. I wanted to win them to Jesus and would be nice to them but my decision had to be strong and known that to marry and date before they know Jesus is against God’s rules. If you know Jesus you are knowingly sacrificing your childs soul to encourage this.

Grandson Jeron praying so sweet to me.

I am a strong willed person, and as my daddy used to say I have raised 5 strong-minded girls. That can be good and that can be bad. In dealing with people I actually am drawn to strong, and sometimes stubborn people. I am usually not afraid to approach them because I have been around enough of them to not be afraid if they are at least approachable. I had to make a decision long ago for myself that although I really like to make my own decisions, I made a choice to think things out and measure my decision on whether it would help or hinder me when it comes to my walk with the Lord. I have made decisions to get counsel and then still I have  prayed first on most decisions for peace.

I have chose not to over-ride my conscience. A big part of my thinking is the way I was taught to dress, what I could do and still keep intact a tender, careful, and respectful way of life living for Jesus and not just my own desires no matter the cost. I have been tempted, tried, and ridiculed for even thinking that I could not do something. I have found that there is a difference in how tender you feel even at a church service when the presence of the Lord is touching folks. The good decisions on holiness or life style pave the way for a tender heart. People that are defending carnal things that they made a decision to be more apart of than Holiness dedications usually laugh at those that decide to do some particular dedication that they THINK is okay.

You make decision in how you spend your money. If you make a plan you decide to save towards that plan. You can just feed your desire to buy whether you need it or not. You can make the bad decision of putting off what you owe and spend on something less important to you, than paying tithe, rent, food, and utilities on and on. That can become a habit and a way of life, and that decision will take you ease of mind away, it will bring trouble and cause those closest to you to be uncomfortable. What a relief if we would learn how we affect not only ourselves but those we need and love the most in our own life.

In my marriage I been blessed with great examples of how to act and choices to bring about the real important reason to marry like, kindness, making it possible to be cherished instead of resented, tenderness and affection instead of cold arrogant actions which breeds a troubled marriage. Hardships come and hardships go, good days come, bad days come, that reigns on the just and unjust alike. Our decision to keep our faith and trust in God, and to keep our attitude tender makes the difference in how much we are able to cope. If you chose to be belligerent jump to conclusions on the harsh side of situations then you live what all that brings. If you work at keeping the Fruits of the Spirit in your life then when troubles come your way, you can still come out with God’s Love and Guidance and approval in your life. The Peace of the Lord in your life is easy to notice by all that know you.

Great Grandma June Davis and Kalyx

I watch people that never want to be instructed yet they have made a decision to laugh and make fun of how others dress or kind of house they have and lack of material things they have that they approve of. They are drunk on their own idea and showing decisions of ill-mannered actions and again I realize that even in our daily manners and actions there is such a bad decision to not have the Fruits of the Spirit in our lives. Just go head on choosing to hurt and get hurt and sneer at others that are really on track and trying to not condemn you, but trying to please God to the best of their ability.

Deciding in your relationships to show manners always, be generous with affection, smiles and laughter, give of best in your home for the comfort of your own family. It pays good dividends in the kind of atmosphere of Love and peace and joy. I myself can enjoy a little argument once in a while, but there is a part of me that wants to not be mean about it. I don’t want to be around people that enjoy snapping on others. If you ever cared about your own atmosphere then make a decision to be kind and sweet yourself as much as possible. Some folks are nicer to everyone except their own family. They will give compliments to others, talk and laugh at others jokes, but treat their very own rude and harsh. I say you have made the decision to Self Destruct your own environment and you got some work to do on making better decisions on how you want to live. You can start with yourself and work on you and what a difference that will make.

I have had a lack of money and it felt uncomfortable, I had to decide what can I do to have a good time with what I DO have.  That didn’t hurt me it made me more thoughtful of the good stuff I have at hand. Then I could have made a decision to stew and gripe and cry and feel like a underdog when that decision would not bring what I wanted at all. You can decide to replace a good feeling, activity, on and on that money can’t buy anyway. I watch people decide to choose homes, clothes and things that are so far out of their range financially that they don’t really get to enjoy it after all. They are so full of worry and can’t even buy the groceries they need, or go out to eat or enjoy giving their tithe because at the moment they lived for a decision to go ahead over their better decision to be content with something they could have peace about.  How they thought they looked to others mattered more than their own peace of mind .

I have watched parents teach their Children to worry about fame and to follow after sports and college and careers that if they missed church, oh well you got to have a education. You’re a smart kid and if you lose your soul and have to follow the world we are not worried as much about whether you make it spiritually or not, you can always come back to God. I have some smart children and in my family are lawyers, college educated family even my own children are in college. I will not feel good if they gain the world and lose their soul. If they can play sports and not miss church and keep their love for being in church that would be good. I just made the decision not to encourage them to be educated and sports fans and the cost be losing their desire to give their best to God. I loved my family that are important in the world and I long to be with them but it can crush God out of our conversation, and fellowship once they give themselves to politics, being famous and what we decide to give up to not just make a living for comfort but, you start deciding where God fits in your life and where he doesn’t. If I do everything offered to me by my journey with the Lord, and my priorities are with what will keep me on track and close to him, I will not be bored, or lack in anything worthwhile. I am as active and busy as I could ever want to be.

If you keep making decisions that you have no time for church fellowship and keep bringing more and more of the world in without regard for serving the Lord and keeping alive the church activities soon church is no longer important and you haven’t been careful and now you have changed from church to the world and all that comes with the world.

What profit is it all, if we gain the world and lose our soul. My second son Bryan  was ask to speak at a young age. His title was so good to me, “You got what you wanted, but you lost what you had.” It is your decision!