Daily Archives: April 10, 2010

Say Your Sorry!!

Andy and daddy having tender fun moments!

How many times growing up has this phrase been said to us? I have used that phrase with my own children. I have ask them to say they were sorry to others when they were small. I have thought about whether I made them lie because I could see it in their face that they said it to keep out of trouble with me. They were not genuinely sorry, they were being made to say that whether they were sorry or not.

I realized through out my living around people that some have never yet got the message about the need to say, “ I am so sorry”. It might embarrass you to admit that you hurt someone needlessly or were too harsh for the situation. I would rather admit my blunder and repent than to have too much pride to refresh my tenderness and wipe my record clean showing I have needlessly said or done this and it has hurt you, “I am sorry, that was so wrong of me, I should not have gone this far with my actions or words.”

There are some folks that can’t seem to say the simple words I am sorry, but they will feel bad and buy you a gift. Others may just change their ways towards you and be nice and expect that to work and it does , but there isn’t any method that works better to bring about peace and wipe the heart clean again like just out loud saying “I am sorry” and meaning it from the heart.

In a marriage nothing fixes situations when they go wrong like saying you are sorry for what you did that hurt . You know when you are the problem and most the time everyone else concerned does too. Respect is lost quicker and more when you refuse to repent for whatever your part was in the upset.

If you really want to correct your mistake and be respected again those words will be the biggest and best chance to start over new. The benefits are great.

If you think you lose respect or you feel to big to say your sorry you have just took steps backwards instead of forward. It makes you more careful when you repent to not do that again. If you make another mistake well repentance still works and it shows that there is Fruits of the Spirit working in your life. Love, Joy returns, Peace comes back, longsuffering because you needed it, Gentleness returns, Meekness instead of arrogance, Goodness! Faith! And Temperance!

It might feel dreadful to have to humble yourself and say your sorry, but it is worth the healing of hearts to just say I am sorry.

I have witnessed people talking mean about others and what you say gets around. Hearts have been wounded and disrespect has been planted with a big seed of doubt. You publicly state your opinion and feel like you have a right to say what is true then you assassinate someone else’s character never even a drop of fear while you do that. Your tender side is losing it tenderness and you feed on the faults of others and it begins to be what your mind thinks about so much of the time.

You think you had a right to resent and make fun of good people that seem to be prospering more than you. You feel the need to step on their heart and crunch their confidence and do damage to them and when it is brought out you refuse to just say I was wrong , or that was a horrible way to treat you . How much of a difference in the area of restoration, and rebuilding a relationship or just plain respect again just to say and admit “I said that wrong, I need to be kind, I wasn’t good to you”. Nothing works better to bring peace and harmony again in your own heart like Repenting when you need to.

If you are too harsh or have a pattern of cutting down your child’s confidence because you have outburst of uncontrolled anger you never thought of saying I am sorry. You think you’re the parent and shouldn’t admit because they will lose respect. They go through life have few moments of feeling cherished or fruits of the spirit  in their lives. You have called them unkind names and punished them so much for your own aggravations. You are extreme about every minute problem , then you may feel God talking to you about repenting. The Devil wants you and your relationships destroyed so when you feel tender and repenting  don’t refuse or be afraid of losing ground that is the one key that opens the door to a better relationship with even your children. If there ever is any hope of fixing damage it is in repentance and saying your sorry and then you have more power to actually reverse and repair damage.

I am so thankful that the words,” I am sorry are so precious and cleansing and I love how I feel when that is said.” I can once again smile at someone I wronged and care what happens to them. We both know I repented and my part was fixed whether they accept it or not .