Gum Chewing Saints!

Gum Chewing Saints!!

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I wish I could say this was teenagers I see chewing gum with the gusto of a hound dog all over the church. I have been amazed. I have tried to not even to be bothered by it, but they chew so big  I feel bad for the Preacher trying to preach. It looks so ill mannered and I feel like saying spit it out, show respect.

I remember seeing kids ask to spit gum out in school. You just didn’t chew gum in school and if you insisted to keep trying to you would get your name on the board. And if you kept it up you would get to stay after school.  Chewing gum seem to mean to them you weren’t paying attention. I don’t think I would even notice if there weren’t so many chewing and chewing without being modest about it. Hope you don’t smack up on food that big I am sure you would annoy your eating buddies.

In our lives we don’t want to cramp our style about much of anything or any rule. I like gum because it freshens my breath and maybe serves to occupy me as I drive.  I do like gum. I guess I been one of the lucky ones to be alerted where to chew gum and where not. My husband is an Evangelist and has been Pastor many years and gum chewers always stand out and are noticed. When they tarry for the Holy Ghost you sure hope they spit their gum out and many haven’t and I have not seen then get far until someone would hold a Kleenex out for them to spit their gum out, so they could concentrate on praying.

I can understand feeding a baby or a small child. I been in church so much with my children I have gotten through many services with keeping them quiet that way. I can understand a mint, I guess with gum the chewing and big chewing just goes on and on and on and most the time I see a disinterested look along with it.

Just something that during church is very noticeable. Preachers have just been made to get used to seeing it now, it is just normal. I just have to accept and turn my eyes and forget another rule that seemed like it really didn’t matter.

6 responses to “Gum Chewing Saints!

  1. Marian June Davis

    Oh boy! is this one of my pet peaves. We also see it in “praise singers .” I have heard pastor get up and make announcements “no gum chewing. ” I was thankful. Good article, hope it will make more people aware.

  2. Amen Sister! It really has bothered me over the years as well. I was talking to a 35 year old about gum a while back and she said that it never even entered her mind that it was rude. I guess that it is a matter of pointing it out. Thank you!

  3. Right on!! I remember one of Grandma McFarland’s favorite songs to teach kids was, “Everybody ought to stop that chewing gum in church; chewing gum in church; chewing gum in church…the men, and the women, and the boys, and the girls – Everybody ought to stop that chewing gum in church!” It was a SIN in our household!!

  4. Amen, I hate that!!!Good write.
    God Bless
    North Little Rock Saint

  5. Amen Sis Ballestero!!! It is a BIG pet peeve of mine! It really needs to be taught on again! It is soo rude and disrespectful! I have been to a church where they not only chew gum in church, but they drink sodas during church in the sanctuary!!!!!!! It blows my mind! Where is the respect for the house of God?

  6. Be respectful at church! (don’t chew gums at church or school!)

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