My Mother Marian June (Starr) Davis

Mom and Me

My Mother Marian June (Starr) Davis

My Mother has been a wonderful Mom to me. She has been a mom with high calm standards of conduct no matter what the situation. I have never seen her act in a embarrassing manner anytime. She has been dedicated to raising five girls and her manner of conduct was easy to follow. She was not a harsh mom she could be firm and show her strength in such a lady like manner.

I have tried to walk in her footsteps as a mom her steps were fun, loving and tender. She was a teacher without being a bossy and  loud . If I did wrong I was never afraid to go ahead and tell her. I want her to know what I was doing and I desired her approval. I was taught in a open, kind way with a feeling of secure expectation that I would be ok and do ok no matter what.

Grandpa and Grandma Davis and Jeron at camp

I learned to love being a mother because she seemed to love being a mother. She never worried about spoiling a baby by holding it too much. She would not leave a baby crying in a room by itself with a closed door. She would cuddle and talk softly as she searched for the problem.

This has been all of my life that this care has happened. When things got tough she has not belittled me while I was growing up to this very day. She would be the buffer between me and hurts. She is still strength to me and when hard times come and low moments I have thoughts of mom and how she would care and do whatever she could to help me feel better.

Mom at the Organ

I can honestly say that sassy has never been from me. I might have not agreed with the verdict or the answer I was given, but I don’t remember ever being harsh with mom. I know most every child reaches around twelve and is full of themselves and being at a awkward hard stage usually if they will be sassy it is then for a bit, but somehow I just want to say I am a wimp when it comes to mom. I still feel like a child and always will. I am the oldest and firstborn maybe that is why. I just feel like mom does it all right. I still want to be like her even if I disagree it will pass.

Mom has a class about her that when she walks into a room she is noticed for her style and beauty. She has a good name among all that know her. Young men and women love her counsel and I have witnessed more than her own girls that have gained much wisdom for life from mom. If it is going rough for you and you are struggling to handle mom always seems to have the calmest best advice of how to handle tough situations and come out better in the end.

Mom and Daddy

Mom I love the secure, steady, calm, caring, wise way you have handled my life when you had me. That still goes on and I am over sixty now and you are over 80 and I feel the warmth of your care still helping me take care of relationships from being a mother, wife, sister, aunt, pastor’s wife, now evangelist wife, grandma and friend.

You still speak to me if I need it and I will listen and honor your advice because you have never been a loose cannon you are tender yet a straight arrow to good advice.

How could I hurt myself and others in a no care way when I have a mom like you that has been a Rock, and with tender yet firm about what is right and what will work for the best. You have made good choices in life and handled your life in a level God-fearing fashion.

Mom, Dad, Me and Alexa

Thank You for teaching me with your example how to treat my husband and my children with affection, words of affirmation, protecting them from all I could. How to never turn my head and close doors and ignore in tough times. Love and believe for the best and never belittle and rage in disappointment. You taught me how to Mother with kisses and hugs and smiles and laughter. You taught me how to serve and love first my own family and protect them and then how to serve and love others.

You have been mom to many more than just us five girls. You have been the best advice giver, you have showed some mothering to those that lacked it and to this day they still call you mom .

I Love your music, the piano and organ playing is so lovely and full chords that make you want to sing and listen long to. I still remember dad-standing smiling at you playing songs that he loved so well. He thought you could play like no other and so did I. You could figure out the key from back in the audience when some one was traveling around to find it. Dad sang in 5 and 6 # and somehow you just went to where he was fast.

Mom and Me

Just want to say I Love the Good Home you created for the 18 years I was there. And I always love to come home and couldn’t bear not to come home ever again I just loved being around you.

Love, Marcia June(Starr)Ballestero

7 responses to “My Mother Marian June (Starr) Davis

  1. Maarian June Davis

    Marcia your tribute has made me feel weepy. You have always been such a caring daughter . You loved your little sisters and today they still love to be with you. I love to be with you, your children love to be with you not to mention your husband. Everywhere I go people that know you love you. Thank you for your love.

  2. Baby, I can only hope your children love you and express their love for you like you do to your Mom.
    You make us all feel weepy reading your blog. What a loving daughter and mother you are! Not only have you learned your lessons of life well, you too have excelled at teaching your own children. They are exceedingly blessed because of you.

    I am so proud to be your husband!

  3. Yes I feel weepy myself, I am so Thankful for My Mom and for Mom Ballestero and just think how wonderful life is when a mom loves being mom. I hope I can mirror both our mom’s. To My Honey you have made my life so sweet by being such a good father to our kids and husband to me. I know everyone doesn’t get this but I am willing to help others get this even if it has to start now. What a wonderful life.

  4. Sis. Marcia, I am so thankful for your blogs. If ever any one has fulfilled a ministry according to the Bible, I believe that is you. You are definitely teaching the young, (and the not-so-young) as well.

    I think your words are just so beautifully written. I just read with awe, the expressions of love and it seems to flow so easily. I admire your love for your mother, husband, children and grandchildren. These are the ones who are so blessed! I hope they realize what a treasure they have in their family. You are an anointed woman of God, and I want to thank you for expressing your feelings so freely for all of us to read. You inspire me in many ways, and I appreciate it.

    God bless you and keep you safe for your family and His.


  5. Carlene Branham

    Marcia, I love your Mom too. Sis June has always been such a classy lady & always had the most beautiful hair ever. I remember so many wonderful meals at her table on the campground. She always makes me feel part of the family & that has always made me feel special. Your Mom is a true Christian Godly woman!!! Thanks for honoring her!!

  6. Thank you so much the comments mean so much also. I have been crying at words a lot whether I write them or someone else does.



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