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One Generation Will Commend Your Works to Another

Me and some of my wonderful grands!!

One Generation will commend your works to another.  They will tell of your mighty acts.

My memories of growing up in a Pastors Home were very warm to me.  I realized how peaceful and exciting our home was at a young age.  Being the oldest I got to help out with four younger sisters.

Mom shared with us her heritage and how her daddy was won to the Lord.   That made a huge impact on my thinking and believing of how real God was.   And how Daddy’s family came to the Lord.

I remember hearing those stories and how important it was to hear them even as a child I would feel faith build in me for others to come to the Lord.

When you had Jesus in your life that was the greatest life.  How sad we would feel for those that turned away or rejected God.

If it is good for you we can do it.  If not we are blessed that God protects us by us not being a part of something not good.   Passing on this from Generation to Generation is a Godly skill I will forever be grateful for.

Me, Jeron and Kalyx

Church was the center of our lives.   It was not a painful, unhappy experience for our family.  There were many times situations had to be handled but the cushion of love and believing in the power of the Holy Ghost and what Miracles that God can do was instilled in our minds.

Nothing Good is impossible with God.

I have five children now of which some are here today.  God has blessed us for our children to marry others that are strong in the Faith.  We now have 12 Grandchildren 14 yrs old and younger.  Nine are baptized and have received the Holy Ghost.

We know in life that raising a family in this world we need to lean on God.  We want our children to keep loving this message and then our grandchildren and on and on.

We have had a Mother that made our home a haven.   And although she helped so many others she never neglected us.  She was a mom that was there and she was loving, Godly, and unwavering in pleasing the Lord.

I want to publicly thank my Mother and call her blessed.

Three of our sons, Anthony,R, Bryan , Marty Joe , L

For being a Godly roll model.    In my eyes she was the Perfect Mother.    She guided me in my life by not only her words but her Example.   She was consistent.   We could count on her reaction to be right and that put stability in our lives.  She was a strong Pastor’s wife, a Loving Mother and a wonderful wife to our dad.

We learned to respect our dad also. We got to know that he was the main man in our world until we married. Mom taught us to be thankful because our dad worked hard everyday to support us and provide comfortable living for us.  He was so genuine in loving this one God message of living a clean Godly life separated from the world style. We were taught to still look pretty and feel clean inside and have a good time doing it.

We had fun at home and hard times came and went and we were still going on living the easy way for the Lord and under the protection of our parents. They looked out for us and yet let us be individuals and have friends . Mom knew friends mean so much to kids they really don’t do well when they feel they can have no friends. Mom taught us how to be a friend to many too. There are favorites but I wasn’t encouraged to get stuck on having one friend at a time and controlling them or letting them control me. We had fun and learned manners.

Jeremy, Hayley,Jeron, Marty

My sisters and I had sibling rivalry but and we probably hit a few times and said some harsh words , but mom allowed it to happen but not go too far. She would say that someday you will be so thankful for each other and you will love being together. I am so glad she handled us in that manner. She did not turn on any one child unless she really knew who was causing the problem.

She was a soother and I was the oldest and she respected my wishes to not have intrusion into my stuff and have to feel angry that she would not protect me from the frustration of being older and having a little privacy when I seemed to need it.

How I was raised worked so well for my happiness and so it was a pattern for my raising of my own. I was taught that certain privileges were given with age as you grew. I had to try my own wings and I always felt like they would forgive me if I made a mistake like Jesus would. I felt like it wasn’t always easy to grow up and understand every thing and they didn’t put more on me than I could bear or stand. It was a livable non-bitter way of life.

Andy our youngest and Dad

I did not have to anger and seethe inside my mind at mom and dad they cared about whether I felt well . Even when I had to have guidance it was not cruel over bearing. There fore when their grandchildren came along they did not have to see or feel heartache at how their precious grandchildren were raised. There was a bit of joy and peace that I would do as good as I could and would love and cherish my children.

Our Family 2010 All are filled with the Holy Ghost except the three youngest.