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Recipe of Marcia’s Gumbo

Marcia’s Gumbo Recipe

Whole Chicken or  2 lb or more of Frozen chicken breast tenders

Boiled in seasoned water with some chicken boulion and some Creole Louisiana seasoning of Tony Chachere’s then remove chicken and either debone or cut up tenders and set aside.

1 lb Eckrich Skinless Smoked Sausage

Sliced in one inch pieces or however you want to slice it.

1 chopped bell pepper

2 stalks of chopped celery

1 box of frozen sliced okra

1 bunch of green onion diced

1 stick of margarine or olive oil in skillet for sauté of vegetables and  cut up sausage.

White or brown rice

Rice after cooked is not included in pot of Gumbo.

We do rice separate. When ready to eat we put some rice in the bowl then pour the gumbo over the top and eat.

Now when you take the chicken out to debone and cut than in the large pot of soup broth you have you add your Roux and stir until mixed and no clumps unmixed with broth.

Roux can be made or bought and mixed in. I will tell you how to make that.


This is the stuff that makes it Gumbo to me. You can either buy it in Louisiana, Texas area it can come in the Jar ready made and a half jar or less added to your Broth will give it a dark soup base or there is a Powdered Roux by Zatarines that you add to soup base.

To make it homemade use Olive Oil or margarine a stick in skillet put ½ cup or more of flour and stir constantly and let it brown to a dark or golden brown. Add this to broth carefully so you don’t splatter and get burnt.

Now add sautéed vegetables, chicken and sausage to broth and let cook on low to medium heat .  Ready to eat.

Optional boil eggs a egg for each person or more. Than peel the eggs and save a couple for potatoe salad. Put the rest in the pot of gumbo. When folks get gumbo they can get a egg in their bowl of gumbo and eat it and potatoe salad along with gumbo.

My family likes it this way. You will get a taste how you like it as you go.

Potatoe Salad I boil chopped potatoes until firm but done. Then I drain and hand mash a little added a dab of onion, dab of dill relish, chopped boiled egg , a dab of Tony seasoning, and light mayonnaise and mix. Fix your bowl of Gumbo than put a spoon of potatoe salad at the side of the bowl also try a boiled egg along with that. Keep Tony Chachere’s on the table we eat it with everything.

I season what I cook but I try to never over season and it folks want it more heavily seasoned they can do it themselves. Same with File that folks add to Gumbo. I rarely add that but it is on the table for whoever wants it.

Now I know this seems lengthy but I have looked at Recipes and they list it but the way I said do it in long terms becomes easy but I didn’t want to be so brief and you be full of questions and not get the real gumbo taste.

In Gumbo most ingredients can be optional except Roux, Chicken and Sausage. If you don’t want celery or Okra fine but the rest are needed for it to be gumbo. This is the way we like it .

Roux can be bought either dry or jar by Savoy or Zatariens brand.  Or make your own when you make the Gumbo and you may like that better. Check online for those brands too.  Good Luck.