Are We Teaching Our Children to be Strong or Weak?

Are We Teaching Our Children To Be Strong or Weak?

Christyana and Kalyx my grand girls!!

I am really disturbed by the immodesty with our young ladies. Well, what is more disturbing is the mature ladies seem to forget that a low neckline reveals more and more.  I feel so uncomfortable with the trend of such low necklines that  well I feel embarrassed to say what I see. If a man did that it would be indecent exposure.   Oh, was that kind of crude? Well, I am usually not crude that is not my pattern I am tender with those that don’t know better. We know better that is who I am worried about and we allow it.

I wish I could say this nicely but what I see in so many of our sweet Pentecostal ladies is the ignoring of what others have to see. I have turned my head to talk to many a lady I have watched them go to the platform and I have to look at their whole knee and Lord spare us all if they bend over to pick up something or step on the risers for choir. I see nice young Christian men visiting with nice young Christian ladies that surely they see a way too much. What would a young preacher or good young man want to show interest in a girl that is loose talking and immodest at any area of her being. How dangerous is that?

Andy and Me a few Christmas's ago

I am wondering how short the sleeves are going to get too. They are barely cap sleeves and really as soon as they can get away with no sleeve at all and a real low revealing neckline well they will do it and it won’t be long. Moms are so afraid of confronting their daughters anymore that if dad doesn’t say something they are not going to go to the trouble of saying you are not dressing that way. What is your reason to dress that way anyway? Why ladies are you skirts sooo tight they look like you are poured into them. They cannot be comfortable and then you sit and also pull and tug at your top and your hem and never really remedy anything.

So now to make everyone comfortable and happy we can have revealingly low tops and revealingly short straight skirts so tight that it can’t be comfortable.

I say Why? Why? Who is impressed with that and who are we trying to impress? Does your husband like it? Not usually Does your boyfriend like it? Maybe and how dangerous is that. Does the Pastor feel comfortable for you to help with your example other young girls to dress like you.

It seems so many mommas can’t say no to their daughters wearing shorts, slacks, halter tops and if they don’t want to offend the church folks they will just have to wear it to school or to a school dance. That way they won’t offend church folks. Be sure your sins will find you out. All youth will have a problem to face for a space of time but if mom and dad won’t say no you are not going to dress immodest in school where else can they learn strength like they can and it is nothing to pity them about. When they start to play with drugs and drink and smoke can you not fight back about that and just say no. I love you too much.

I may seem like I am not that sweet lady that you love so much. Oh yes I am. I love deeply. I have had to stand up against the enemy. The devil has put thoughts in my head that maybe you might turn your daughter off if you stand against the way she wants to dress. And somehow a still small voice gently said just say,”Honey , I am so scared for you to dress that way or date that young man that doesn’t know Jesus, or whatever was going to bring danger to separate her from the desire to serve the Lord.

Marisa and Me

It doesn’t take long for your teenager or pre-teenager to decide YES I get to do what I want and soon it is something else at school that is forbidden that becomes OK and then pretty soon you kid doesn’t worship, doesn’t want to go to youth night, doesn’t want to pray and feel no conviction.

Conviction is replaced with worldliness that they are now allowed to partake of. They will protect the ability to be Worldly then much more than to keep tender before the Lord and No more desire to be a part of the Youth Group it is Gone. Hopefully it will come back when they grow up. But don’t count on it.

I am back in my home town and I Love all Backsliders but they are so mixed up and full of doubt it isn’t the Hypocrites of the churches fault, It isn’t the unfriendly people of the church it is that one day they were allowed or allowed themselves to get started down a road of life that made them so distant from God that they only can vaguely remember how sweet it was growing up in a Godly home with Parents that loved going to church and bringing them to the best place on earth, God’s House.

Kim(Anthony's Wife and Mom B

Somehow I feel so protected and loved by Jesus . I remember how I was raised and our home had peace in it. There were many hectic times getting ready for church and some hectic times were just life, but miss church No we did not. We were treated with tenderness and got disciplined in a non abusive way. Thank God for Parents that did not give us a chance to feel unloved or like life was so terrible because we couldn’t wear makeup, jewelry, pants, shorts, cut our hair, wear evening gowns without sleeves we could do things that were good for us and there is plenty of good substitutes to put in the place of things that will forever maybe damage and draw away from God the souls of our girls and boys.

I feel like I was saved from a Prepaid ticket to a Devils Hell where the worm does not die and there is no breaks from that horrible place. Heaven sounds so good to me. I am afraid to take the chance that perhaps I will turn back to God. No He is the best thing that ever happens to anyone.

So if you say daughter you cannot wear shorts, slacks, halter tops immodest apparel, lipstick, No you cannot cut your hair. No you cannot go to the School Prom and party with drinking kids after wards. No you cannot miss church for a movie. No you cannot go to your boyfriends’ home without adults around. No you cannot break the rules and guidelines of the church. So you think you cannot say no. You can say no when you want to. You can be strong about what you decide to .

Marisa and Uncle David Trammell and Aunt Rebecca

Our Family has had a rough road too, but something made us Love yet fight for our kids to be not so involved with the World that they decided they would rather do that. The Devils job is to see who will just give in and then he has one more on his team. Love, Tenderness and standing strong and true to God and following our wonderful leadership will keep our Families Safe and we will have less losses.

22 responses to “Are We Teaching Our Children to be Strong or Weak?

  1. What A Wonderful Post My Dear!!

  2. Thanks so refreshing!

  3. Linda Pomeroy

    Years ago our son said, “I have to see it at college; I shouldn’t have to see it at church”. Yes, he married a godly young lady!

  4. Sis. Ballestero, I agree with you that parents these days do not know how to enforce boundaries. What they don’t realize is that the children need these boundaries to feel safe.

    I don’t know if you have heard Sis. Kim’s Bible Study on modesty but she did an excellent job of teaching the young women how to dress.

    Be blessed, Rhonda

  5. Bravo, bravo! I am one of those young people and though I struggle with the desire to “give in” to the current trends of Pentecost, I am glad I have a Pastor who holds fast to the old ways of Pentecost and parents who will pull me aside and correct me in my dress and actions! It’s easy to give in to the thinking that the only way to attract a male is to give in to peer pressure but that’s not the case. I applaud you for standing up for righteousness, as my Pastor would say!

  6. I am crying as I read this. I wish we had more godly mothers who were more interested in pleasing God than their children. Thank you for loving holiness, and teaching our children to be wholesome and godly in a sensuous and seductive world.
    I love the example you have lived!

  7. Well said. Thanks.

  8. Maarian June Davis

    Yes Marcia manyMothers do not monitor what their daughter wears. Sometimes you wonder if the desire is in their own heart. Like a football player, you have to entercept evils that can wreck yor child. Don’t be afraid of your girls angry faces, you are their protector and they will get over it.

  9. So ture Sis Ballestero!!! Mom just talked to our ladies about this the other night…this sounds just like you in the room! Keep Speaking the truth ….us young mom’s need to hear it!!

  10. Great post!!!! So sad and true!!! I am trying to teach my daugher to be Godly and to dress Godly! Sad when you have to stand up against the world and some in the church….

  11. Pamella Lemieux

    God bless you for your words of admonition to the mothers of todays apostolic girls! So many times I have sat in services and watched our young girls squirm and tug to keep themselves covered. And sad to say, it’s not always the youth having those issues! I have seen way too much breasts, bellys, and behinds from older sisters who should know better! Please moms, for the sake of your children and their children’s salvation… don’t be afraid to take a stand for holiness! Just say NO to worldliness!

  12. Pamella Lemieux

    By the way Sis Marcia, my grandchildren quiz against Christyana and she is always the perfect example of how a modest apostolic girl should dress! A reflection of her parents and grandparents!

  13. It was well said and preached by some of the great preachers at the Summit conference a few days ago in Tulsa. the reason for the worldiness is just the pulpits get silent on the subject. Silence will eventually begin to move everything into the church that is worldy. Yet on the other hand pastors are strong in holiness teaching and we still have those who borderline the necklines and hems just enough to start aggravating the rules laid down. We can’t use them on the platform and they are stubborn to the hilt. It is a more rebellious age amongst the young people than I have ever seen in my 59 years of being in Pentecost apostolic holiness movement.

  14. Karen Woodall

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I truly love holiness . Their is no other beauty than that of a holiness child of GOD. I will stand firm with my children. I will hold the bar high. I will not shut my mouth & let the world creep into my home. Nor should it be in the church. I am so thankful I have a man of GOD that will fight for this precious way. Your a beautiful woman inside & out. God Bless you!!!

  15. Carlene Branham

    Marcia, you truly write the way you talk, as it did sound just like you were in the room. This is such an important post…more now than ever before. I just do not understand when the parents, who allow their children to do these things, think they are going to say, “ok, now it’s wrong to wear make-up, or a prom dress or go to that dance”. Do they think if it is allowed for the 8th grade dance that it will suddenly be wrong for when they are in high school….or college. When do they get that Godliness is taught from when they are small. I am so grateful for a mother who was never afraid to say “no”. And you know what, I never felt deprived because of it!! I’m “proud” to be a Pentecostal…and the dress & actions that go along with that honor!! Thanks for a great blog.

  16. Totally agree with you Sis…
    The message never changes..and if children are taught holiness when they are young, they never forget. I got the Holy Ghost under Elder Jimmy Davis and my children also..they were young when he died but they have never forgot the teaching..
    I love the message..
    Thank you for reminding us again…

  17. Great blog! Very needful in so many of our churches. It’s a trend that is dangerous and detrimental to the holiness and modesty that we hold so dear as a doctrine. This is not a maybe or possible belief – it is Biblical principle. Our ladies of all ages need teaching and regular reminders of this principle. Short and tight skirts, tight fitting bodices and low revealing necklines are just the outward manifestations of hearts that are not truly in tune with God but wanting to be in cync with the world. It has now infected so many of our young and not so young. As a side note, I raised boys – and have sent them back into their rooms to change jeans because they were too tight. Mothers of daughters should be doing the same – – and setting the example by their own dress for their families. “No” is an necessary word in our vocabulary!

  18. Sis. Ballestero, I come from a home where modest apparel was not enforce, (my parents are not believers.) When I was a teenager, I’d give anything to have a mother that would teach me about modesty. Thank God the church family helped me along the way. I, too, am concerned about the fashion trends that are sweeping across Pentecostal Churches. One should never be looked down on for wearing a full length skirt amongst God’s own people. I pray that God would bury holiness and modesty in the crevices of our hearts. Thank you for addressing this issue. Very well said. Thank you for leading by example.

  19. Wonderful!
    Proverbs 22:28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
    So many today are moving in haste to remove the old landmarks, the old “Standards”; Holiness is being cast aside.
    Thank you for maintaining a landmark set by our fathers. God bless, and we sure miss you & Bro. Ballestero!

  20. Thank you so much for this. Wondering if you have sent a copy to Sis. Oakes and/or Sis. Mary Loudermilk. They’d love it and would find it useful in their promotions for “The Girl in the Dress.”

  21. You have been inspirationl to me. I have enjoyed reading all. See I back slid when my daughter was 6. God gave me another chance and now my daughter is 31 and my grandkids go to church. I also, have been blessed with a wonderful son in law that loves God and the pastor and is a great spirual leader in the home. It’s a privledge and blessing to know you.
    Thank you
    I love you Sister Ballestero

  22. Sis. Ann Casabuena

    I am so blessed by your faith and ensample, Sis. Marcia. I’m happy that the Lord directed my browsing to Bro. Martyn’s blog and also I found your place. I intend to share your blogs to my sisters and friends, as I found it very inspiring, and of course, standing
    in the same faith that we believe to.
    #Apostolic Jesus Name Church, Philippines

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