Happy Fathers Day To a Wonderful Father

Happy Fathers Day Honey

I am one of those girls that dreamed to getting married by 18 years old and having a dozen children. I did just that almost except the number of children ended up being five instead of a dozen.

Maybe that was a girls mind I had but, I was so blessed with finding the man of my dreams. He has been strong and tender all at the same time. We had four boys, Anthony, Bryan, MartynII, Andrew and one daughter, Marisa Hartzell.  The Ballestero name will go on in the Pentecostal Way.

I just have to say, Honey, You have been a strength of Stability Spiritually, strength because of the honorable way you have conducted yourself as a husband, father, Pastor, and now Evangelist, Son, Brother, Uncle. Thank you for always being so generous to our children and me with your time, love, patients, and you have helped guide the children to stay true to Jesus, his standards of living and conduct, and keep much love through it all.

I am the blessed one. This week I went to the hospital for a stone removal and now four days later I am home. I ended up with a Ventilator, and I thank the Lord you were right there.  I had the best nurse in my room all those long hours as I looked at the ceiling unable to talk. I was tied to the bed so I wouldn’t wake up and pull the ventilator out by mistake.  It felt like a brush with death unable to speak or move but somehow I relaxed and even though there was fear and tears when I could not speak I felt calm and loved.  I want to thank You for the kind of husband, and Daddy you have been. You show love and you are a builder of lives. When kids have difficulty and you could have felt angry and disturbed you have not been harsh only you had a way of tenderly reaching and holding and doing all you could to help things get better. It is no wonder you are so loved by your kids.  Thank You for being stable, sweet, loving and kind everyone doesn’t have the nice deals we have been blessed with. I Love You

5 responses to “Happy Fathers Day To a Wonderful Father

  1. Thank you my Darling. I’m barely able to type because of the tears. You give me way too much credit. You’re the best Mom ever. I love you!

  2. Marcia,
    What a beautiful tribute to Marty. He really has been a wonderful father. I’ve enjoyed watching him take his boys and Jeremy fishing, hunting, boating, or just doing guy things. I’ve seen him patiently waiting for Marisa while she did her shopping, or took her where she wanted to go.

    He has been such a godly, careful example to his family and honor him for that.

  3. Happy Fathers Day Bro. Ballestero!!!! Your family loves you and feel very blessed!!!!

  4. This is such a true characterization of Dad. It could not have been said any better than this!

  5. He is all that and more…I am glad to say all I can about his good while he can read it and hear it. Our Family is blest.

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