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Happy 45th Anniversary to My Love!!


Happy 45th Anniversary to My Love!!

Marcia J Ballestero to Martyn J Ballestero

Happy 45th Anniversary to The Love of My Life, For the Heart of My World.

The more our story unfolds, the happier I am that I chose you and you chose me to love and laugh and live with….

The home we have made together is my haven from life’s storms and I feel God there with us.

It has been a peaceful place to be with security and trust and lots of Love.

And at the heart of it all…there is you. Making even ordinary days extraordinary, reminding me how good life together can be.

The more our story unfolds, the more deeply I Love You.  Yes this is Happy 45th Anniversary and no unhappy feelings just a feeling of being so blessed that it was you God brought into my life at 18 years old. I was young, very young but I was so content and confident in my choice I made.

I Love You because I feel so much Love from you.

Our home  we made together has always been a haven from life’s storms and my quiet center.


You have always made sure I knew you Loved me and I am glad that when we got married the courting did not stop. You have never been shy about saying elaborate loving words and compliments. I say Elaborate because I know many wonderful wives that wonder why they never hear those words. They got married and the fun courtship days were over. It has NEVER been that way with you.

As a Preacher you have been wonderful to hear. You are always so studied and interesting and can make someone understand and love how they hear it preached.  You have been a fair and loving father to our children and so generous with whatever we had to them.

You have NEVER been a tight wad type , you have never ask me one time what I spent of our money or what it was on. If there was money to spend you made sure I felt free to spend it.

You made fun times for the family and the list would be so long about the many times you have made my road so easy by being kind anyway no matter what was going on. We have a loving enjoyable by our God’s help and that you and I have been so much in Love with a purpose for our life. Our Purpose has been serving Jesus with our best we had and having a loving peaceful life together with as many Joys as we could fit in.

Thank You for all the years of nice conversation, thankful for your compliments which are so continuous no matter how homely I feel. You are a protector, of my feelings, our spiritual dedications, and just so many important parts of our life together even as a family. Thank You for making good times better. I Love You with all my heart.

Love Marcia