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Rules, Guidelines, Dedications, Consecrations, These Are Not Problems They Are A Blessing!!

Rules, Guidelines, Dedications, Consecrations, These Are Not Problems They Are A Blessing!!

For every successful close Family there have been Rules to follow, For every successful Business there are rules to keep it successful, For a loving Marriage there are Rules and if you break them sooner or later it will fail, Rules are a safety for things to go smooth and easier. Why do we campaign against rules. You have to teach your children rules matter, that helps them to be enjoyed more by not just you but others too. God has rules because some of us would go too far out otherwise in everything we do.

The First thoughts I had on Rules, Guidelines, Dedications, and Consecrations I allowed them to be read. Since then I have noticed what happens to us and those we love when Rules are challenged and defied, and with that we lose our dedications, and Consecrations and that will begin our Spiraling down and away from all that brings us peace, Joy, and keeps us safe Spiritually. Too soon once you start agreeing with unrighteous thinking, and you partake of all you have been warned to leave alone, you are uncomfortable with your Godly family and with those that have even raised you and nurtured you to where you are today.

The Blind lead the Blind and they all will fall in the ditch. You become Blind and cannot see danger in breaking consecrations, standards of living, standards that keep you tender and pure, you so quickly lose your brakes at trying whatever you have been taught not too. Then you begin to only have pleasure for a season. Sin is sneaky and if you keep love and respect in your heart for your Men of God and for Good Clean Living it is very fortunate because God can still talk to you and lead you back to be renewed in him.

I don’t dread Rules they were a fence to keep evil mistakes from happening to me and to keep me protected from the snare of the devil. When you defy good solid teaching you don’t learn how to dress better or look better, or make good choices for yourself you knew to do good but didn’t do it and there are consequences to everything you do Good and Bad.

If you take your life out of the hands of God then you will reap how life is when you don’t obey or live like Jesus provided for you to live. He is a GOOD GOD and He loves his children and will help us through difficult times, through bad choices, through wrong spirits he can change us and heal our backsliding but only if we get close to him and cry out to him and then follow his voice and the fruits of the spirit will show if we do. Love, Joy, Peace, Long suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Meekness, Faith and Temperance. It covers all areas of our life to get us safe, to help us live the best, and to get us ready for his Coming in a twinkling of an eye.

No we are not missing anything GOOD for us, we are missing a Life without the approval of God and we are missing Hell and going to be with the Lord. Small things start us on the road breaking down guidelines and rules that would save us from losing our souls and giving us an unteachable Spirit willing to defy our Pastors, Godly parents and make us rather be with those that could not care less what God’s Word says. Yes I Love the Hand of God in my Life and it has made the Ballestero Family Blessed NO MATTER What we Go through it always is better with God.

He Knows How to Smooth Bumpy Roads of Life and Make Us Over Anew and We will Suffer Hardships we did or did not ask for, because that is Life. The Jesus I Serve Loves Through it All and can Change Us for The Better as Long as We keep Holding His Hand and Listen to His Voice. The World has No Hold that He cannot Break If We want him. He Is Working For Our Good if WE ALLOW HIM no matter if the process hurts he will heal and revive and refresh like New. The Answer is Only If You Allow him too you gotta want him more than Sin.

The Responsibility of the Preacher’s Wife To Her Husband, Her Children and Her Home!!


Michigan District 1981



Shares in his calling

A. Affects the way she lives, how and where.

B. How much money she will have.

C. What she thinks about a great deal of the time.

D. What she and her husband will talk of most frequently.

E. How she is looked on in the Community.


A. Supportive–Prov. 14:1 says, “Every wise woman buildeth her house; but the foolish, plucketh it down with her hands.”

B Not Competitive

She works with her husband and not against him.She does not try to appear more intelligent or competent than her husband.

C. She is interested in Saving Souls and every phase of her minister husband’s ministry.


A. A loyal wife does not discuss her husband’s faults with others.

B. She does not contradict her husband in public. If the matter is of utmost importance, she should very courteously tell him or draw him aside.

C. She keeps her private life Private.


A. Ecclesiastes 9:9 says, “Live Joyfully with the wife whom thou Lovest all the days of the Life of thy vanity, which he has given thee under the sun, all the days of vanity, for that is thy portion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun.

B. Marriage should not be just a working partnership but should have Romance in it too.

C. Times of togetherness in things like lunches, where talk is of your private feelings and not church problems. Husband should be attentive to wife’s need in her household problems. Much Resentment and lack of romance stems from the Man’s lack of concern in the things that are of great importance to the

D. Wife should respond with tenderness and pleasure to compliments given by husband and she will be the recipient of many throughout the marriage.

E. Learn to compliment your husband on attributes you appreciate in him.

Don’t let little kindnesses go unnoticed.

F. Build him up sincerely.

G. Try to say the Right Thing at the Right Time.

Prov. 25:11 Says “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”



A.  A Child should be Wanted.

B.  A child is not born loving you. You teach him to love you by showing your love to him. He responds to your treatment.

C.  A child must have physical expression of love. He needs to be held and kissed. An older child needs to feel your love expressed by an embrace.

D. Don’t try to make a little one grow up too fast by taking his bottle away too early or saying that he is a big boy or big girl now and doesn’t need it. Don’t let other people pressure you in matters pertaining to your child. Usually a child will throw the bottle away when he is through with it.

When there is a new baby, a little child will want to play like he is a baby too. Don’t shame him but play along with him let him choose baby food even take a bottle. He will soon get tired of it and want to resume the stage of maturity he has reached.


A. Mother and Dad’s relationship is the big factor in this. If Mother and Dad love each other their love reaches the child and he is not frightened of his place.

B. He feels the pleasure he is bringing them.


A. Teach him to be honest by your honesty in example.

B. Teach him respect for Authority, Yours, the Preachers, the Law, the Teachers at Sunday School and Public or Church School.

C. Don’t undermine fathers’ authority. Differences should be reasoned out of children’s’ hearing.

D. Correction should be just that. Don’t take your frustrations out on your children and call that correction. They know the difference.


A. One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is your time. You as mother cannot tend to church affairs and neglect your children. The Bible says in Prov. 29:15, “The rod and reproof give wisdom, BUT A CHILD LEFT TO HIMSELF BRINGETH HIS MOTHER TO SHAME.”

 B.  You may not get to go every time you want to with  little ones but they should have first priority, Mothers presence in the home is vital. She cannot give them attention completely at all times, but the quantity of time is all-important.

QUALITY does not mean sitting down visiting them then taking off.  Quality is teaching them important truths, which you must have, time to teach.  You cannot make up for being gone hours and days and leaving them with sitters by coming in and out with gifts and fun times.

 C.  Listen to your child and give him privacy to ponder his thoughts. When he expresses himself you can guide his thinking.

 Good Memories

 A.  Set yourself to give your children good memories.  Don’t let them happen by accident.  Plan Birthday parties; plan activities for them to look forward to. Happy Children are usually Good Children.

Let them look forward to Christmas. Don’t emphasize material things but try to teach them to get pleasure from simple household objects.  Children have great imaginations and do not need many material things to play with.

 B.  Good food, good cooking odors in the home, relation visiting, playing with cousins.

 C.  Prayers from Dad and Mother when they are sick. Prayers and kisses for hurt fingers.

 D.  The knowledge that their parents are real Christians at home. That they believe the truth of the Bible and practice holiness.


 A.  Home is a gathering place for the Family. Here they are fed, sleep, taught what they need to know to prepare them for Life. They are taken care of and protected until they can care for themselves.

 B.  The Right Environment at home contributes more to a child’s Character and Personality than any thing else.

 C.  Children should not be ashamed of where they live. The home should be clean, with a neat yard and clean beds. They should not be afraid to bring Company into the house.

 D.  A Good home does not mean a new or pretentious home. A Good home has a Good Feeling in it. The Preacher’s wife has to entertain a lot and need not worry about beautiful furnishings if people can feel relaxed in her home.


 A.  The Home should have laughter and the children should feel that it is Great to Live for God.


 A. Hospitality is a part of the life of a minister and his family.  Children should be taught to greet guest and welcome them to the home by their actions.

 B.  If possible a home should always have a Guest Room so the family does not have to shunt to other parts of the house to make room. A guest does not like to feel that he has taken someone ‘s room.


 A.  Often a mother destroys the Authority of the Father in the home by making all the decisions concerning the children.

 B.  Father should be consulted on all-important decisions.

 C.  If Father is gone from the house and a need for correcting child comes up, she should take care of it and not leave it for Father when he comes home.  She undermines her own authority.  If Father is correcting, she should hold her peace. If any has a difference as to the need for the correction, it should be discussed in private.


 A.  Children should be fed properly and at the same time. The dinner meal is usually the time when everyone is home. It should be a relaxed time with no battles fought, or church problems discussed.

 There should be no preachers children lost because home seemed to be a place of tenseness, work, worrying about those who made trouble in the church.  They must be made to see the excitement and privilege of being in a preacher’s home.


 Sis. June Starr