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Leave Me Alone I Got a Good Mad On And I Like It!!

Aunt Jasmine and unhappy Ainsley

I Got A Good Mad Going Now, So Back Off!!

I am so angry and there is nothing you can do to fix that.

You have offended me and even if it is a mistake I don’t accept your apology.

I am so angry, no way can you make it right.

I have a good mad going so leave me alone, back off.

When I have had enough , that is it, I am mad until I am done being mad.

The more I get to know some people, the more I like dogs!

I am so angry right now I could chew nails and swallow them easier than I could stand to be around them.

You should have thought first before you told me what I should do, I will do it my way if it kills me.

Look in my face, am I smiling!!

I am so angry at them, I will not forgive them even if they ask forgiveness I will not forgive them.

They can crawl on their hands and knees and repent but I will never forgive them.

My fuse is short and they know that they need to quit messing with me.

I despise being corrected about anything, if I want advice I will ask it.

I am so angry right now even if I needed the rebuke I refuse to listen to them.

I got a good mad on and I am enjoying it now leave me alone

I don’t care if I do wreck the self-esteem of that child, it is making me so angry I will not show love and tenderness that kid needs a beating and all the discipline I can muster up.

I am so mad don’t try to be nice now to me.

I will make sure they know how bad they hurt my feelings.

I will wipe that smile off their face.  And you do about every time they try to have fun or smile it gripes you.

Read my face what is it saying…..Whew I am gonna turn them every way but loose.

They don’t know mad until they meet me!!

I will sue their socks off!!

I will knock them into tomorrow!!

No matter what they are going through the done this to me and I will make them pay and pay dearly.

Maybe they will realize after I get done with them.

I got such a temper I will definitely show them, they better watch out.

I will wreck everything about them for that, they will hear from me!!

It is all about me, my, mine and I…get that straight. If I suffer everyone close to me will suffer. I will make sure of that.

I know how to handle this kid, I got it all in control, I will correct them and treat them without tenderness so they will learn their lesson.

So you think I over kill in the subject of showing how angry you are with little control or none when you are angry.

Do you even know what the fruits of the Spirit are? Do you fix anything in a compassionate way when you give in to your angry self? Do you really want to manifest what you hate most in others? If you feel misunderstood , do think you might not really understand someone else.

Life is complicated sometimes, but with some folks every time something hits them wrong they go as far as with can to show their displeasure. Yet they appear to not realize they themselves expect good treatment and nice actions. My husband preached a message that hit home to me. The title was,” You Just Don’t Get It, Do You”.

I really hunger to help those that are always angry and over board about it. Their anger is damaging just what they act like they are trying to build, whether it is a Sweet Marriage, a Wonderful Child and just adding more problems on top of what they are trying to learn to grow out of.

And while I am here make sure you aren’t adding more complex problems than you are trying to fix in your child. I pray about this so much and if there is ever a burden that is heavy for me to bear is when I notice one child receiving more harsh treatment than all the rest in a family.

It stands out to me when a person needs help with Jesus or a pill and they refuse to take care of it, they are so preoccupied with trying to fix someone else that they let their own problems go on without a change or seeking help. When we give in to anger often and easy we can kill what we think we love most.  Kill the energy that a child or family member needs to grow mentally and sometimes physically it can make a dwarf out of those around you.

As a Mom I have been blessed to have good leadership in my life. I wasn’t self made I was taught how to be tender, how to control anger, how to survive even cruel words, I am not tough, you can scare and hurt me. I never want to build such an iron gate on my mind and heart that No one can talk to me or even console me!!

Words Do Make a Difference in Success or Defeat!!

Words Do Make a Difference in Success or Defeat!!

Cadence with Papa Ballestero's Hat on!!

I hear people say I just can’t help it I was raised this way. I don’t like kids really; I don’t know why I allowed myself to have any. I am not made for kids. I only want one or two. I hate being pregnant. I can’t stand men. I hate music. I am so mad. I will get them back. I will punish them . I can’t stand them. I will not cooperate. They are not going to like it. This church is so unfriendly. I hate this town. I will give them a piece of my mind. Wait until I tell them, they will live to regret.

They just don’t seem to like anything or anyone on a consistent basis. When they talk about their children it is so negative. When they talk about their mother it is so rudely. Here is where I want to make my point for all of this I have written.

If you live your life without the Fruits of the Spirit you will be just that a Fruitless, Unhappy, dis-contented, hard to live with person. That is just why we have the Fruits of the Spirit. It is the opposite of the entire negative.

Have you ever been around someone that is blaming their actions on their mom and dad’s treatment of them? It is common knowledge that there are many who have had dreadful homes they grew up in. Where the cure is for that is inside the person himself or herself. If you find Jesus and claim to know him all that, can change for the Good. God has means full of love that can make you a positive emotionally healed person. One that others love to be around and he can help you empty out your bitterness. I have seen it over and over again . I have heard so many testimonies of folks that if you knew what they went through as a child you would not believe them if they told you.

Ainsley Marisa's baby girl with Papa Ballestero's hat

One reason that I want to write is not because I am a perfect person or the most intelligent or the most uncomplicated. I think all of us have to learn how to live in a more contented, peaceful way. As the days go by in your life you don’t keep over-riding the fruits of the spirit they are there for a reason. They bring about a more productive, peaceful way of life. Over-Riding is what keeps people stuck in hateful, rude, unhappy styles of life.

We are not going to get out of life without crying, doing without, rough times emotionally and maybe physically. Our disposition may suffer a bit, but somehow you can keep it at a minimum by not allowing yourself to give in to harsh talk, over-bearing words of defeat or dislike. When we speak harsh as a habit to our children they will repeat how they are treated. They will become what they are regularly told they are. They will be depressed and defeated a lot more than they have to be, and it will become a way of life just like yours is.

Christyana and Huntley Papa's Hat

I was taught that if you call your kids bad names and talk bad about them and they hear it, and know it, soon they will become what you call them. It is very hard to rise above what you hear, if it is harsh. You begin to believe it. The struggle of life and achievement and change becomes hard to believe you can do it. Some of the poorest families have amazed me at the happiness and easy style of life they have. I see some of them not even expecting money just doing the best they can and meeting their financial obligations and feeding their families and enjoying life besides. The ones that cherish their family and do the best they can with what they have, without feeling sorry for themselves, are easier and more fun to be around than those that have what ever they want and are never contented after all.

I have to work towards contentment and rearrange my thinking sometimes. I grew up being taught to not feel sorry for myself. Make the best with what you have and enjoy what is at your finger tips. I had nothing with held from me that I wanted if it was good for me or okay for me even. I had wishes and wants and I got many things I wished for. We did not do without. I enjoyed being a part of all girls in our home. We learned to create a home and to decorate and make things that would enhance the looks of our house.   We never felt deprived or like we were needy.  Our conversation was not constant negative talk. I want to be an encourager. I know stuff happens that is hard to deal with and we are all going to have our share. I just don’t want to live in that area any longer than I really have to. I will strive to do what I can to promote good thinking and a cheery outlook on life. God’s people should be the best people on earth. May the meditation of my heart and mind be acceptable to the Lord. If it is then I should be blessed to be stable and a strong cheerful child of God. And may my children and grandchildren be blessed with the same out look on life.

Smile and Laugh with Every Child, and Make Your Home a Haven!!

Smile and Laugh with Every Child you have, and make your Home a Haven!!

Our Ainsley (Marisa's and Brandon's girl)

You know you love all your children and you are providing to the best of your ability for them. Father and Mother thinking of raising their children to be good citizens, good people in general doing well at their studies and making you proud. You wrestle and struggle through homework, you have a hard time managing sibling rivalry or just plan kid stuff, you make sure their teeth are taken care of and they look and smell decent. You try to teach them manners; you go to much effort to make them learn responsibility and respect. And you want them to be talented and a part of the youth group and to grow up feeling close to family and church. The one easy ingredient to add calm and spice to life is to work on your own smiles and laugh easily. So this sounds Silly well you might live a grim, life if it doesn’t come natural. Grim is not fun. God does believe in a Merry Heart. We have enough Grim moments lets make learning and living easier with more smiles. It does soften the blows of life and it crunches the harsh looks that comes from stress. We used to sing when we were small ,”Smile a While and Give Your Face a Rest.”

I knew I loved my kids yet I had this idea that they were not paying attention to how nice I was trying to bring them up. Really I was trying to be the best boss and make sure they would never embarrass themselves or me as much as possible. Sometimes you feel like no matter what you do you are serious all the time. If you don’t act and look serious you might lose ground and they might be disobedient and take over your authority and then you would be sunk.

Cade(Marisa and Brandon's Boy)

Looking around at the families that seemed the most happy and enjoying life plus doing well in responsibilities I noticed something that would help me get through with as much peace and ease as I could hope for. I went to the Bible Book Store and was looking for something that would give me some direction, I did that often without reason but I walked around and my eyes fell on the title, “Laugh With Your Teenager”.

“Laugh With Your Teenager,” that caught my eye and I picked it up and scanned through it. It sounds so simple and easy but I think I needed that too much to just ignore. We sometimes stay in a mode of correcting, frowning; making bad facial expressions towards the kid that is aggravating our life away.

We are so focused on their bad grades and they seem so unhappy and when they are happy we dislike what they are happy about. We think they are going to turn out bad and be sleeping on the street like a bum beat up and drunk all the time. Some may turn out that way. I tried my best with my kids and mistakes did happen and problems did come, but God helped me even with this one simple thought I need to create and find every chance I can to remember how much smiles relax when they are given.

I learned by scanning that one book some ideas of where smiles and laughs can lighten loads of tension and anger and disappointment.  I did buy the book and got more ideas but I couldn’t just ignore what I read it turned a light on and I found it to work.

Now as a kid I almost got spanked before and I got some hard looks because if you hurt your self or stubbed you toe I would giggle. I have giggled when I was scared and that looks insane to some folks. Oh well I laugh at different stuff than even my husband. Sometimes I can’t get a joke till later or maybe not at all, but something or someone doing something different my sisters and I look at each other without a work and laugh.

Kalyx and Jeron our oldest Grands. Anthony's Girl and Marty's Son

If we ask God to help us and we keep the Fruits of the Spirit working in our own life we will smile and laugh more. There are situations where my brain seems to shut down when things get to pressured and tense. I learn little other than your angry with me and I better listen. Those moments should be moments when they happen not hours and days of going around tense and unforgiving. If we are trying to get the best out of someone then we make it worth it to them.

What about when you have jobs your kids need to do? What are you like then because I know unless you put some fun or make it seem like it will bring some good feelings and you even make a game out of it when they are small it is a fight. I have heard some of my own girls make a fun time with what they offer if they even try to clean up. Or they make it fun as they work by at times showing them how to make their bed or where to put their dirty clothes or how they should do something in a smiling easy way. It seemed rewarding enough there wasn’t such a dread.

I can honestly say that I don’t even have the want to to walk up to someone that doesn’t smile much and talk. I have made myself do it but I love those faces better that look like they smile easy. They are all around less scary to me and even more beautiful. A smile has been a blessing to those that are less handsome and actually made them attractive.

This subject may seem so trivial but we create our own environment. I have been in homes a lot and I dread the ones that are so tense with their children and I see no kind looks at least. Every little thing that goes wrong or isn’t done is such a big thing and the kids never do anything their parents can smile about or even laugh about. Some things are kids stuff and you can laugh with your child and some mistakes are not huge moments that you need to make the whole room tense up and take notice.

Christian and Christyana(Bryan and Christy's children)

This may seem like simple stuff, but it has helped me through some tough moments. Your sure not going to get through life without crying and struggling don’t go through life without smiling and laughing it will be the glue that will make folks want to be around you. Even though hardships come and tough situations come it will ease things at times much more than a frown or more angry words and thoughts.

Maybe you are a quiet person and you don’t laugh loud and hard a quiet smile works wonders too. I have worked with more kids than just my own and found that my smile meant so much and brought me closer to them. They had walls up to others , but I could even talk to them and hear their heart when they couldn’t open up to others. They needed a relaxing smile and feeling of acceptance just like they were, to be able to even make a start at getting a change in their life or a healing for what they had been through.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the Power of a Laugh or a Smile!!

And don’t laugh more with people outside your household and forget that Your Own Loved Ones Need Laughs and Smiles the most from You.!!! Even if they seem like Silly Laughs and this goes good for Fathers and Mothers, Sisters and Brothers.!!

Love Your Strong Headed Kid!!

Jeron holding Chloe at a week old!!

Love Your Strong Headed  Kid !!

What do you do when you suddenly can no longer handle what is going on?

I wish I could answer that in a nice easy manner, but we are all different and have all kinds of our own selves to handle. I sure don’t feel like I have all the answers but I have had to handle some stuff whether I wanted to or not.

There comes a time when it no longer is profitable to sit your child in a corner. You sure make things worse when you begin to openly speak to others bad about your so-called problem kid.  By the time you get into the troubling situation where you feel you have lost control and are no longer the authority on corralling the enormous hard to deal with situation.

God has done work on me and life has also while I was agonizing and dealing with I thought more than I could bear.  I have learned so much by watching and my husband has helped to calm me with just the right words. In dealing with tough unyielding kids after they are old enough to make some decisions and live on their own I have found 1. Prayer 2. Love 3. Controlling my own thoughts and words 4. Self Control in venting and exposing how mad I am and how embarrassed I am. 5. Keep your door to your house open and your heart.

Two Great Grandmothers and a Grandma admiring Kalyx!!

Walls go up and iron bars lock gates of communication with resentment and harsh talk. You can get no where when the one you want to convince sees you care more about how you feel than how they feel. You think maybe I can ignore and shut them out they will learn, only for them to move farther away because you seem to be trying to destroy them. All the time you might be hurting and wanting the best for them but the Bible does say ,”A soft answer turns away wrath”.

I have learned to love and care for boyfriends and girlfriends of my kids that I was scared to death of. I wanted to say no, but I did not want the relationship to go under ground and be separated from our family. I have spent many a evening fellowshipping and making meals for the same right in my own home.

I have not been able to just say no like you should to drugs! I have appeared to say yes and soon with some I did begin to enjoy and love the person I thought I couldn’t. And I struggled to keep the fruits of the spirit alive. And worried but I realized that the other person begin to care about me because it was felt I cared about them. The real deal about all of this is that I felt I had to show love no matter how I felt as much or more to the other person than I did for my own child.  To control this I worried about so much, I had to first of all control myself, and how I dealt with it all.

What was a eye opener to me was I finally accepted that this person was going to be a part of our family. When I least expected it my kid did the unexpected and broke up and started dating someone else and married that someone else. I could have wasted a lot of good anger and helped to hurry the wrong ones to go ahead and marry.

We had already decided when our children found the one they thought they loved we would love who they loved no matter what. That might be a rough thought but it has brought us through still intact as a family. Maybe shook up, but we can settle back down and enjoy life again.

Anthony 2 years old with Daddy and Grandma Ballestero!!

I have strong feelings and ideas of what I want for my children. I am quietly strong about some things, and I am glad because I have not always been in charge. I just want to be able to still have influence and good fellowship with those I love and need to have some influence over.

Sometimes we have to accept and learn to be steady and well mannered ourselves for others to even want us to be a part . I want to be very careful how I treat my very own children with a pure kind and showing love no matter what. If I don’t show love then I lose my grip on how much I can be respected and needed.

It would be better even if their presence irritates you for you to make a place in your heart to work on loving them. If they marry them you haven’t lost so much and created huge memories of anger to try to erase and forget.  It is better to be slow to anger and quick to kindness. You lose less and can still be able to turn grief into joy.

Sometimes our own pride and mentality is our worst enemy. We have our own plans and now they are not going our way. We become what we hate most . Our influence is best when we are tender and show love.

God can turn your grief to joy. I have seen it happen to myself. If I would have handled it like I wanted to I would have suffered more. I am thankful for the Fruits of the Spirit.

Gum Chewing Saints!

Gum Chewing Saints!!

Bryan blowing bubbles Marisa liking that

I wish I could say this was teenagers I see chewing gum with the gusto of a hound dog all over the church. I have been amazed. I have tried to not even to be bothered by it, but they chew so big  I feel bad for the Preacher trying to preach. It looks so ill mannered and I feel like saying spit it out, show respect.

I remember seeing kids ask to spit gum out in school. You just didn’t chew gum in school and if you insisted to keep trying to you would get your name on the board. And if you kept it up you would get to stay after school.  Chewing gum seem to mean to them you weren’t paying attention. I don’t think I would even notice if there weren’t so many chewing and chewing without being modest about it. Hope you don’t smack up on food that big I am sure you would annoy your eating buddies.

In our lives we don’t want to cramp our style about much of anything or any rule. I like gum because it freshens my breath and maybe serves to occupy me as I drive.  I do like gum. I guess I been one of the lucky ones to be alerted where to chew gum and where not. My husband is an Evangelist and has been Pastor many years and gum chewers always stand out and are noticed. When they tarry for the Holy Ghost you sure hope they spit their gum out and many haven’t and I have not seen then get far until someone would hold a Kleenex out for them to spit their gum out, so they could concentrate on praying.

I can understand feeding a baby or a small child. I been in church so much with my children I have gotten through many services with keeping them quiet that way. I can understand a mint, I guess with gum the chewing and big chewing just goes on and on and on and most the time I see a disinterested look along with it.

Just something that during church is very noticeable. Preachers have just been made to get used to seeing it now, it is just normal. I just have to accept and turn my eyes and forget another rule that seemed like it really didn’t matter.

Raising Marcia – Part 2 “Little Miss Mischief”

When I was born dad was in college at the University of Michigan.  They were living in Ypsilanti, Michigan and I was born  in Ann Arbor.  Mom and dad didn’t have a car and they made a plan with the neighbors across the street from where they lived to take them to the hospital .  Dad had to go to class, and  he came back to the hospital after I was born and went in to see me first.  He came rushing back to mom saying, “ The baby is cross-eyed.”  He didn’t know that the eye muscles are weak at first .

Mom and Dad's Wedding picture

Grandpa & Grandma Alexander Anderson

Grandma Anderson died suddenly when Mom was 18,  so Grandpa Anderson would come and try to fill her spot and help mom.  He would fix whatever he could find to fix and he would take care of us and mom for a few days.  When he came when I was a kid I remember him pulling up to our house and he would get out with the sweetest smile and hug us kids and pull out a bag of Orange slice jelly candy.  I really didn’t like them,  but because he brought them I liked that.   When Mom got home from the hospital with me, Grandpa Anderson came to be with Mom.  Grandma Starr was so excited and she came to visit and she wanted a brown-eyed baby and that was me.  I was the first grandchild.  She was very expressive and  mom was very tense about me being picked up and held at the time.  Grandpa Anderson made a point to pick me up regardless of mom, and gave me right to Grandma Starr to hold.  He had a keen sense of how Grandma Starr felt and he made sure she got to hold me right then and look me over.   Grandpa Anderson made a good gesture when he did that for Grandma Starr.  He had just lost Grandma Ada Anderson three years before and she was only 47 when she suddenly died of a Heart attack while teaching mom how to fix gravy.  Mom said she had nightmares for a year of more after that.  Mom was the youngest girl.  There were eight children and Grandpa helped Grandma much with the family.

When I was still very young maybe five or under, I told a dreadful lie one day.   Dad and mom were talking, and were not fighting but discussing and I thought they were disagreeing.  We went to church and had to ride for a while.  I was listening and in my mind I felt bad for mom and thought dad was making her feel bad.  I got to church and was surprised to see Grandma Starr and Grandpa Starr.   I thought Grandma Starr would be mad if she knew dad was disagreeing with mom so I went to her and told her, “Grandma, daddy slapped mommy’s face.”  Oh , the commotion I caused from Grandma. She was very defensive of mom, and expressive at that, and always seemed to believe me.  Right in front of me she went and found daddy.  She said, “Ahhh Bill, I am so ashamed  that you would slap June’s face.”   I saw a look of shock and anger in dad’s face.  I thought about running away and knew right then I was in trouble because I went too far and told a lie.   We had a ride home and that was torture.  Of course he explained to Grandma that I did not tell the truth.  What a lesson.  Again, I didn’t get spanked that I remember, but I faked sleep.  I was in mental pain and thought I will never do that again.  Lying is bad.  My thoughts were so painful.  As we rode dad spoke to mom of his disappointment in me.  He said, “June I can’t believe our little girl would do this.”  We still lived in Coldwater and when we got home he picked me up sleeping and carried me upstairs to my bed. He talked all the way of how sad he was that I would lie and tell such a terrible lie about him slapping mom’s face.  I kept still and never opened my eyes and he laid me down gently and told me he loved me even tho’ that hurt him so bad.   His words were in my mind for days.  All through my life I thought of that one lie.   I always felt like I would never lie again even if it meant that I would suffer a whipping.  I did lie after that I am sure, but that one lie in particular helped me learn it is better to tell the truth.

I started school in Coldwater.  I was over five, when my sister Alexa was born.  She was born in Coldwater, Michigan.  I can still remember the wonderful feeling of walking into our big living room and looking into the basinett and seeing that new baby sister.   She had real dark hair and seemed like a doll.  Oh how I wanted to carry her around.  Mom said when she looked at me after she got home with Alexa I looked so big.   Pretty soon  mom and dad moved to Albion in a duplex right beside of the VFW hall where they started the church.

I  started school at Dalrymple School.  I decided I wanted to walk to school like other kids.  Mom showed me the way and there were other kids walking too. Finally I got to walk on my own.  It was a small town and felt very safe to me I thought but I had never done it alone.   I started walking and as I got about a block away I looked at a huge red brick home and it was so huge to me .  It was a historical home that the Peabody family lived in I heard.  Well , I got so scared I ran back home thinking that Armored Knights and Kings and Queens were sitting on thrones in that house and might come out with their swords.   Sometimes I laugh at my childish imagination I had, but it has helped me to try to look into my kids heads when they seem upset over silly things.  It might be silly to me, but  not to them. When I ran home my mom was so gentle she just seemed to protect me without a lot of words.  She really didn’t know what all I was thinking she just walked with me without agitation at me and got me to school.  I soon walked to school with confidence and no fright.

I grew up thinking Albion was the nicest town you could live in.   We lived in the Duplex a few years.  I can remember visitors like Bro and Sis Dale Phebus and Vie their daughter.  Uncle Gus and Aunt Helen Anderson and cousins, Karen, Madelyn and Mike and they had a church in Jackson, Michigan.  When they came they showed me so much attention and  laughed and exclaimed at what I would say and do.  They made me feel like I was so important.  I can remember riding along in their car telling them big interesting tales and I would embellish the stories and oh how excited they would act.  They would compliment and say the best things that would make me feel like I was their favorite.  If you get around their kids, Karen Perry, Madelyn Shields and Mike  Anderson, they are like their parents.  They live the most exciting way you can live and they make you feel worth a million dollars.   You would maybe have a hard time expressing like they do, but I thank God there are a few folks that dare to be such builders of confidence in people. I remember when Uncle Gus and Aunt Helen came they would be full of stories and would both tell stuff at the same time and it would seem so exciting.  As a kid it would be quite a big deal to have a visit from them or go to their place and visit them.

We moved from the Duplex on Cass Street in Albion to a house that seemed out in the country.  Actually it was out on M99 just passed the Riverside Cemetary only about a mile from where we lived on Cass.  Our Landlord was at the edge of the Cememtary and we lived at the bottom of the hill sharing the same driveway.  I loved it there because I felt like we were on a farm because between us was a big barn. There was a corn field and vegetable gardens.  The barn was very interesting and full of hay and chickens, and kittens were there in that barn.  The landlord was Tidy Allman.  She and her son lived together at the top of the hill along with their dog Trixie.  Trixie was a trick for sure.  I could walk about anywhere around my house and close to the barn but I never quit watching for Trixie because he could get mad quick and decide to chase down the lane barking.   Besides chasing he might bite too.  My friend Linda and I was petting Trixie one day and she laid her head on Trixie’s and got bit just above her eyebrow suddenly.  I never cared to get close to that dog again.

One day while running through the barn with another kid I somehow ran a pitchfork through one side of my ankle and out on the same side under the skin.  I pushed it out and got home to mom.  She took me to the hospital and I had to have Tetanus shots because of infection.  It was quite a scar of two holes on one side of my ankle and is still there.

While we lived at this place another little sister was born. Rebecca came three years after Alexa so that finally made me old enough to help more with this baby.  I loved helping mom with babies. I not only helped mom, I would go to church and stand by the door as mom’s entered with babies. I knew who would let me take care of their baby and I could hold their baby and diaper it too.  That was so wonderful to me.  I would take a baby upstairs to the nursery at church and change the baby’s diaper, and if I found lotion I might even give the baby a bath in the sink in the nursery and lotion the baby up and put lotion in it hair and comb it’s hair into a curl on top if it had enough hair.

Sometimes at Easter they would have baby ducks and chicks that you could get.  One year I slipped around and got  two chicks and a duck.  They were so fluffy and cute.  One died real quick and the one that made it was the duck.  It grew very large and turned from soft yellow to white.  That duck lived with us out on Hwy M99.  Trixie tried many times to chase the duck  but the duck was smart enough to stay close to our house.  Trixie only came so far and never over to our house.  When the duck got full-grown it knew it was mine .   Where I was outside, the duck would be.  I would run and the duck would run and pull my hair and clothes and peck at me.  I wasn’t afraid, it was mine.  Mom was a bit afraid out in the area because she was used to the city.  She would worry about hitchhikers or someone being in the woods by our house.  It was really dark at night no street lights like in town.  Mom got so scared and dad wasn’t home, she kept hearing a noise outside.  Finally she located the noise by peeking out of the curtain here and there in the house.  It was the duck pushing an empty tin can around on the driveway.   That was about the end of the duck .  We had kittens and the duck at that house.  It was fun because we could pick berries from the blackberry and raspberry bushes.

One day were had company coming and mom cooked a big meal.  She warned me that somehow the big round table was broken off its pedestal and I was to be careful not to lean on it.  Well, I don’t know who leaned on it.  I have always thought I did because with the food on it ready to serve,  the table tipped up and all the food slid off.

Dad worked for the Secretary of State.  They provided him a car and he worked five days a week like 8am and getting home around 5pm.  Mom always had dad an evening meal ready around 5pm.  We lived a pretty routine life with dad working , kids in school and the church.  Soon after moving out on M99 the plans for our church to be built on the corner of Lincoln and Adams Street were made.  Dad still worked but was regularly there when off work checking on the building.  Finally we got to have church in the basement.

I loved going to the window wells and catching frogs. I seemed to find them in there from tiny to big.  One evening the ladies were having a prayer meeting in the basement. Sometimes rain would drip and make puddles in the basement.  That was a prime time to find frogs. I found a big one.  I was walking around while they were praying and found a big one.  I sat it down right next to the loudest praying sister there ,Nanny Patrick. It plopped right by her leg under her dress tail.  I was sitting back innocently watching expecting some reaction but not as much as I got.  Nanny jumped up and hollered “Oh Jesus.”  The other ladies began to pray louder and harder and it helped the prayer meeting to liven up.  Nanny told the ladies when the prayer meeting was over what happened. They all exclaimed and some squealed and laughed and shuddered.  The frog was still hoping around as evidence.  I was still sitting in the corner very amused but never was found out that I put the frog near Nanny.

Another time when it was raining I put a small frog under the windshield wiper of a sister that came by herself to church.  Again I was near by when she got in her car and turned the wipers on and backed up, coming to a screeching halt,  and hoped out of the car screaming for help because somehow there was a frog under her wiper.

Welcome To My World!

I am the wife of a Wonderful Evangelist, Martyn J. Ballestero.  We have five children and twelve grandchildren hoping for more.  Our chilren are listed by birth order:

Carl Anthony and Kimberly Elrod  Ballestero,  their children are Kalyx  Marie , Carlton Alexander  and  Braden Anthony,

Bryan Starr and Christy Huntley Ballestero their children are Huntley Starr, Christyana Content, and Christian Bryan,

Martyn J. Ballestero II and Courtney Joella Ballestero their children are, Jeron Starr , Chloe Julianne Monet,  and Zion Turner,

Marisa June and Brandon S. Hartzell their children are Garrison Timothy, Cadence Martyn, and Ainsley Marcia, 

Andrew Dale and Jasmine V. Ballestero .

My Father, William R. Starr  passed away.  My Mom, Marian June is now married to Rev. Howard Davis of San Bernardino, CA .   I have four sisters, no brothers .  Alexa Olson , Rebecca Trammell, Priscilla Spears, and Sara Copple.   They are all married  to Pastors .  I have  a wonderful mother in law, Content Faith Ballestero and three sisters-in-law:  Carlene Branham, Ramona Yandris and Nila Marxer.

As I add to the blog you may see these names from time to time .  I will hopefully add to this and have something worth reading and inspiring.

Thank you!