My Tributes

My Tribute To My Friend Janice Helmuth

L-R Jenny, Michelle, Janice, Marcia, Tammy

I spoke for my very close friend Janice Helmuth at her Homegoing.  I still get a lump in my throat and tears when I stop and think of her. I loved my times with her. She had a way about her and I enjoyed the fellowship time so much.  We had fun talking and gathering other friends to talk during camp time especially. Our kids would be running around the camp together having fun too while we were .  I still find myself  pondering over her life and our times and it is hard to think of her being gone.  She was such a special friend to me and I never got tired of chatting and sharing moments of fellowship.

Jan was one of those super mom’s and grandma’s.  She was surrounded by her children their spouses and all the grandchildren.  They all wanted to be close to her.  She didn’t mind giving her opinion, but it was honored by her family not resented that I could see.  She lived what she believed and had a way about her that kept the whole family working together in more harmony than you can imagine.  She just had the ability of combining the family in a closeness that worked so well.

Here are my notes of what I felt to say on her behalf. I knew I had to say it just like it was or she would say, “No you know how it was, say it that way.”

L-R Michelle, Jenny, Tammy, Janice

I want to give Love and Comfort to one of the most wonderful caring close families I know.  Jan was a strong dedicated Mother.  Those words are just a morsel of how she really was but I must have a starting place.

We became fast friends when our children were young. Our family life style had a lot of likeness , we shared so much along the way about our family and children.  I hope I can keep her methods of living alive in even my own life.

Marcia and Janice at her Cancer Benefit

Jan was not just a good mom to her own family, she reached out to help others in difficult times.  She could come up with good solutions and lived what she expected out of others.  She gave so much of herself to making sure her children and grandchildren were loved, taught the basic rules of good living and family unit was most important.

Jan could figure out tough situations and give you a good solution and expect and help you to that end.

She was direct, strongly opinionated and anyone that knew well could see she was not a weak indecisive person.

She seemed to see through things that bring up a correct observation of what the problem really was,  and then head on in to get that fixed.

Pastor David and Janice Helmuth

As Mom’s, her and I shared times when things could look like “ What are you gonna do now”.  One time I shared my heart when I was going through some things and she brought me back to reality.  She said why are you worried about what friends think?  Make your decision. It sounds right and you have prayed about it.  Remember what matters most is what happens to your family.  Your so-called friends can push you around and  intimidate you to do things how they think you should, and then they can leave you and drop you, and your family is what stays with you through thick or thin.

  • She was Beautiful inside and out.
  • She was classy yet down to earth.
  • She made you feel so at  home in her presence .
  • She was a Highly protective wife and Mother.
  • She could design a House and Church plans and was given to details

She Loved Animals.  When I came to see her a few weeks ago she looked at me and said, “ I want you to take Molly”  I felt so bad I told her I travel so much I couldn’t.  Molly her dachshund stayed close all the time.  I looked over and saw a  bunched up blanket and suddenly it moved and Molly stuck her head out and checked on Jan. She was mom to Molly.

I saw the pictures of a Fawn and the story was incredible how they kept that fawn and bottle fed and it acted like a house pet.

Her care and nurturing had an unbelievable effect on the Fawn.  I heard they had to take it out of the house when it got to where it could run and jump on the beds and furniture.  I can’t help but wonder what could you do with it when it was that tamed?  She couldn’t put it back into the wild, so she sent it to a animal sanctuary.

Jan, what an example you are….in sickness she still was so strong in how she took it.  She ask me to tell her what she could take care of and improve on.  She was so honest and direct.  She allowed herself to face things as they were and her Character was unmarred by her honest upright way of managing life.

  • She prepared her children to handle Life and how to do it.
  • She didn’t make excuses she expected the best and lived it in front of everyone.
  • She was fun Loving and what a full wonderful life of family and friend enjoyment she made ways for that to happen.

Three weeks ago I was coming home from Shreveport, La and had no idea that I had little time to see her. ,I was praying and thinking I am going home to see Jan and my mind was flooded with our times of campground chats into the night.  We shared so much we laughed so much we solved so many problems .  We could talk about secrets and never worry about them again.

I asked the Lord if there was a way I could see her and say something that would mean much to her  a few moments later I got a call saying could I stop by.   I was so blessed, she took my hand and said, “ Marcia you’ve been a good friend”  She then seemed her old self and ask me what do I need to know.  I looked at her and she said tell me the truth.  I was overwhelmed to see how even in this time of her life she was still covering all her bases and making sure she knew without a doubt. I want to be like her.  Unrelenting about my walk with the Lord and how I should manage my life. I was impressed to tell her.

“Jan You have been a Godly, Loving, Honest, Wife and Mom .  Don’t worry about your kids or grand-kids you have trained them well and you have cut out a pattern for them to follow.

“They have had a strong wonderful example of how a family should live.  They will be good and do well from how you raised them.”

L-R Casey, Tammy, Pastor David Helmuth, Janice, Michelle, David Jr.

And I say today the hard part of life is going to be not seeing your beautiful face when they come home.  But Jan you have made a  pattern to follow  of a very impressive easy style of living that will live on in their lives and give them direction, and oh the high water mark is high, but we will work to reach it.

Jan, I love you and I miss you!

The Helmuth Family

Janice and Marcia

Gary Keller Master of Ceremony at Jan's Cancer Benefit

Friends at Benefit for Jan L-R Gary Keller, Pastor David Helmuth, Ramona Yandris, Loretta Miller

L-R Ramona Yandris,Marcia Ballestero, Carlene Branham

David Helmuth, Angie McDonald, Janice Helmuth

Jan and Grandson at the Benefit(Michelle's Oldest Son)

Michelle, Angie, Sis. Prather, Jenny Helmuth

Helmuth Family at end of Benefit Nov. 09

Grandchildren & Kids Sign Team Signing, "How Great Thou Art"

Diana Miller at Jan's Benefit

Jan's Visitation

A well attended Service for a loved friend and Pastor's wife Jan




5 responses to “My Tributes

  1. Marisa Hartzell

    NO one like her in the world.So Beautiful inside and out..A Definate pattern to follow! I miss her!

  2. Marcia, that was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I need Sis. Simon with the hankie ministry on that one. What a awesome tribute to a WONDERFUL lady. She will be missed and thank you for letting us see deeper into her life. I met them actually through you, You have been long time great friends. I know it leaves a big hole in your heart..

  3. Marian June Davis

    Marcia I can’t tell you just how beautiful the tribute to Jan Helmuth is. You put her life together in an unforgettable way. I’m glad you are my daughter and mean so much to so many people. I’m sure the family still will find comfort in your visits.

  4. Carlene Branham

    Marcia, I am as moved now as I was when you spoke at her home-going. Very well written & a glimpse of who she was. I truly miss her. Thanks for the memories. Love you much!

  5. Thank you all for the nice comments. I hope I can say what needs to be said and what will keep honor and good warm feelings alive. Thank you again.

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